Business Headshots


Are you thinking about getting corporate headshots taken of yourself or your employees? If so, there are specific things you need to keep in mind for success. Once you understand these things, you will wonder why you never had corporate portraits taken sooner.

You know that your first impression with a potential business customer needs to be strong. You probably also know that potential clients decide very quickly when they see you, if you are approachable, professional, and confident. With these two things in mind, it’s obviously important to be careful with the headshot you share with your future customers.

There is only one way to assure that your corporate photo looks professional. That way is to use an image taken by a professional photographer, specializing in headshot photography for business and corporate use.

You wouldn’t hire a freshman pre-med student to perform brain surgery on yourself or a loved one. You also wouldn’t want to hire someone to build your house who had played with blocks and Lincoln Logs, but had never built an actual full-sized strong and sturdy dwelling. So why would you use an amateur photographer to take your important corporate photos when your business depends on their success? The answer is, you wouldn’t! If you want to look professional, you will need to hire a professional photographer.

Whether you’re the CEO of a big company or the owner of a small business, you’ll need a beautiful headshot to best project your face. It used to be thought that corporate headshots were used for business cards and company ID cards. Obviously the need for corporate photos has always been important, but it is now increasingly more and more important due to the digital world that continues to become more prevalent in our lives as time passes.

Global pandemic or not, it is common knowledge that more and more business is being conducted remotely and online these days. The first thing most people do when they are thinking of using your business is look you up on the internet. Nowadays smart consumers do their homework before they even meet you or speak with you. If they’re like most consumers, they first look for an image of you or your business associates on the internet. Googling a company is now commonplace in choosing a place to do business with. Consequently, getting an excellent and appealing picture of yourself is an important part of your online image. The digital world will continue to increase, so don’t be left behind in the dark ages without a smart and professional corporate picture online.

Websites and social media accounts also continue to grow online every day. It seems that there is a website for everything these days, so the competition can be overwhelming. Studies show that the sites that are considered the most trustworthy are those sites where there is a legitimate corporate picture present, rather than stock photos or placeholders.

It is also a known fact that people spend more time looking at images than they do reading text on websites, glancing at business cards, or looking at the information written on marketing brochures. Having this knowledge should compel you to have a quality photo taken by a professional photographer who is experienced with business and corporate photo sessions.

You want to stay ahead of your competition by keeping up with these types of known strategies. Your best chance of staying in your clients’ memories is to include a great photo of yourself.

Lastly, corporate headshots project a sense of success to potential customers. One of the symbols of success is the spending of time and money on your professional headshot. Investing in yourself and your staff members tells consumers that you have the resources to invest in your business, and therefore you have the resources to invest in them. Your professional corporate headshot will represent the measure of success your business projects. People in general tend to align themselves with productive and successful people.

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