My friend has a camera, why should I hire you?

Not even the nicest DSLR camera in an amateur's hands can't replace my 30+ years of professional experience of working with actors and agents to provide you with the best possible headshots in one session. You'll never hear your agent ask for a reshoot again!

I'm camera shy!

I've photographed thousands of new to the industry actors and children who were camera shy or had small insecurities. It's my job to make every client feel right at home. By the end of the session, we'll be best friends! Read my client testimonials if you don't believe me.

Do you use studio or natural light?

Both! Depends on you -- and the weather. I tailor each shoot specifically to your needs and goals.

What is your availability?

Give my studio manager a call. I'll do my best to get you in the studio ASAP.

Do you use makeup artists?

Yes. I provide a professional makeup artist for all women and most men. I have been working with my staff of makeup artists for many many years and they are equipped to work with any skin type or color. Arrive with your hair already styled and your face clean.

When will I be able to see my photos?

You'll first see your photos on set. I shoot tethered into a laptop so we can look at every test photo together, with the makeup artist and my talented photography assistant to make sure that the lighting, clothes, hair and makeup are all perfect before we even begin the session.

After the session has wrapped, expect to receive your personal online web gallery between 3-5 working days after your shoot.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

I will email you a wardrobe guideline upon booking your session which outlines what types and colors of clothing you should bring for each look. As a rule, what looks good on you in person, will look good on you in camera.