Adrian V.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Alan. He is one of the most humble, warm, and charming individuals I've met working in the industry. He is a true professional who cares greatly for his clients, and does not fib when he says that he personalizes each shoot with each of his clients. He ingeniously tailored my photo shoot upon my arrival at his studio, and I am very impressed with the outcome.

A photo shoot with Alan felt like brunch with an old friend; we swapped stories and laughed, as he captured moments away on his camera lens. He is also remarkably talented and knowledgable in lighting, and his experience truly shows in his work. Every frame was so well lit that I would've thought each had been digitally enhanced, if I hadn't been there in person!

Even the staff on-hand, Ellen & Kaley, are extremely helpful and knowledgable in photography. They both offered insightful comments whenever we reviewed frames between takes. The camaraderie at the studio is extremely admirable.

I am very much looking forward to working with my newfound friends; Alan, Ellen and Kaley again!"