Angelique S

"I got my headshots here today, and he was great!!!He was friendly, and funny, and so were his dogs!

He took the time to get to know my mom and me, and let my play with his adorable pets. His assistant, Stav ,was also AMAZING!!! Alan would tell funny jokes as we were shooting, and would make me laugh out loud creating the perfect shot. They took so many great photos, and I'm sad that I can't fit all all of them on my resumé. Almost 300 beautiful photos!!!He said that the more he took, the more likely it would be to have the PERFECT shot, and it was true. When I took my headshots years back in Dallas at AMTC, the photographers only took a few photos, and my eyes were closed in the ones on my resumé!!! They did not look that appealing, and photographer did NOT take the time to get to know me. I just want to say thank you to Mr. Weismann and assistant for my truly WONDERFUL photos!"