David Crown, Los Angeles Property Management Group

"I chose Alan because his reviews were strong, and he was near our office. I had no idea how the experience would unfold. Needing about 10 different employees to have headshots, I wasn't sure that I should step up to a professional level photographer for business pictures. I mean when you see the 'A list' celebrities he deals with, wow. But when I reviewed the pricing, it was reasonable. And thinking this was something I wouldn't do often, I thought it made sense to do it right, and pick someone that looked like a real pro. It couldn't have gone better. From the highly professional treatment that his staff sets the tone with when you first call in, to meeting Alan and going through the process, I can't imagine a better experience. And the results are more than we'd hoped for. These days, with digital media being as important as it is for all kinds of businesses, you have to do something that sets you apart. For us, this was it. Simply put, choose Alan and you'll be thrilled you did."