Johnny Young

When I first walked in to Alans office I was a bit nervous because I had pretty bad experiences with photographers in the past and didnt know what to expect. As soon as I entered I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist who showed me Alans work and talked me over how Alan approached each person when he shot. Shortly then after Alan walked in and greeted me with a smile and broke quickly broke the ice with a few jokes which then made me much more comfortable. We then got started right away. The great thing about the shoot was that he actually shot a test shot so that he could not only test the lighting but show you what to expect from his shoot. So when we got into the actually shooting I chose a CD out his collection that I liked and we started. It was like sitting at cafe talking to an old friend, we just talked and talked and during the conversations he would shoot, make you laugh shoot and etc. He likes to make you feel real comfortable so that he can capture that real natural look about each individual. In the past some photographers acutally told me to smile certain ways and do things that really felt unnatural, but with Alan it was a completely different experience. Thanks again Alan Johnny Young