Josh P.

"I live in Seattle and I wanted to get headshots from someone in LA who knows what it takes to get them. First I did research and came across Alan Weissman. I liked the shots on the website and read a few good reviews so I decided to take the chance and give him a call. Within the first minute on the phone with him I was comfortable. I knew this was the guy. I booked a shoot and flew to LA. It was the best decision I have made in my young career as an actor. Before we began shooting he spent a good 15 minutes getting to know my wife and I. Showing us his beautiful home and just made us feel right at home. He left nothing off the table. We set up to shoot and took test shots to make sure everything was perfect. He even goes as far as putting them up on his big computer screen so we can all discuss them. I have had headshots done in the past with 2 different photographers, and I was blown away by the quality difference I received from Alan's work. I didn't show it but it was almost emotional. It's just me thinking out loud, but if big named actors put their faith in the hands of Alan, I don't see how anyone who is need of headshots wouldn't go get them done by him as well. His ability to capture the perfect light, enhance your best features, make good look beautiful is unlike anyone I have seen. I really could go on and on and on.

I'm going to end with a huge thanks to Alan for everything, you truly are an artist and craftsman.

Josh Piper"