Remy G.

"Short version:

Alan is amazing! As an aspiring actor I need the best headshots to send to auditions. By the end of the shoot, I literally had too many good pictures to choose for retouching by the end. A good problem to have. You should jump at the chance to book Alan.

Long version:

Looking to do my first headshots, I found a list of reputable photographers online. I sent emails to several of the ones I judged to be better, explaining that I was looking to go into acting and that I had never done a photo shoot before.

Alan was the only one to go to the trouble of calling me. He patiently walked me through what the process of a photo shoot and and explained what actors need in a headshot. I was particularly worried about my wardrobe and Alan sensed my concern. He gave me detailed instructions on how to prepare the appropriate wardrobe, which made me considerably less nervous. By the time he finished explaining, I was sold and booked an appointment.

The shoot itself was great. I expected getting headshots done would be unpleasant and difficult. Most of all, I expected to be a bumbling idiot and was worried I that I would have no control over my facial expressions. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Alan knew it was my first shoot and could tell I was nervous. He went out of his way to help me relax by telling jokes, and walked me through the entire process. Soon after the shoot started, I was actually having fun!

The pictures themselves turned out incredible! I had no idea I could look that good in photo. Alan is a master of his craft and you should jump at the chance to book him.

Alan joked that I had so many good pictures that I would have difficulty choosing ones to get retouched. Not a bad problem to have haha."