Ryan Larsen

Everything I've ever been told by industry professionals is to never short change your headshots. NEVER. Yeah you can probably just go with those cookie cutter $100 quick in quick out headshot sessions and walk away with one good shot. I went on my quest to find my guy/girl, someone with 20+ years of headshot experience, takes their time to get to know YOU and uses that information to create a relaxing environment to shoot in. Also someone that wouldn't rack my bank account, ambitious I know...I was somehow fortunate enough to stumble upon Alan's website. I couldn't be more happy with the results, while usually you only get a few good shots, Alan literally took 300 absolutely stunning photos making it suuuper difficult for me to pick which ones I wanted retouched and man, that is a fantastic problem to have.

Agents can be super particular of which headshots you use and the looks they provide, so in the case that they don't like any of the ones I had retouched I can just be like well here, check out this online gallery of 100's of beautiful headshots and pick one!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! I not only found my headshot photographer I gained a friend, CAN YOU SAY THE SAME ABOUT YOUR HEADSHOT PERSON!?!? oh and Stav, his intern, is an absolute sweetheart!!!!