Sophie Hannah

Alan, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!! for my amazing headshots. I can honestly say that i have never had such a great experience working with a photographer… and have never been so happy with the photographs. Usually there are one or two pictures that I like when i get the proofs back… but when i got the proofs of the pictures that you took, i couldn’t find a bad one. From the very beginning when we were picking out wardrobe I had a good feeling because you helped me pick the right outfits but at the same time helped me find what i liked best as opposed to just telling me what to wear… you could tell that i wasn’t happy with certain shirts… and even if you liked them you told me not to wear them because if i didn’t feel great in the shirt… it would come across in the photos! I know nothing about lighting…. but all i know is you sure brought out the RED in my hair which makes everyone happy! I am so excited to go out on castings and auditions with these new pictures, because i feel that they really capture me. You, Caroline, and the lovely Lafit made the whole shoot such a happy one….