Tamara C

Alan Weissman is hands down one of the best photographers in LA, his work is amazing and he is so passionate about photography and making sure that not only will your photos look beautiful but the best to where you have a greater chance of getting booked. His studio is so cool and the views are wow and he makes your feel right at home.

I did a lot of research before I chose who I wanted to invest my money in and one of the reasons I chose alan because when I spoke with his assistance on the phone she was kind, honest, upfront, and went into details and if i needed her to repeat she was kindly and patient enough to do that, and your able to speak to him anytime for more info. When i went to get my head-shots done his work and ora reminds you of why you love LA so much. Whatever you do if you want your photos to be perfect and still look beautiful like you are...go to Alan I swear you'll be writing a 5 star review next!