Teremy Jackson

"I don't understand why Yelp is not recommending the majority of Alan's reviews, and I'm actually a bit upset because he is literally THE BEST photographer I've ever worked with. Sure he's accustomed to celebrity photography, but he treats all of his clients as if they are the most important thing to him and his pictures reflect that. I have booked numerous jobs when I first started out with only 2 of the shots that we took, and he gave me loads to choose from and helped me to pick my best look. I've tried others just to test the waters, but I've regretted it since. Alan Weissman is the best and there simply is no substitute for great quality, hard work, dedication, and a passion unlike any I have seen before. Thanks Alan! I only regret not writing this review sooner, and if Yelp doesn't feature this I'm contacting corporate because that's absurd! So I came here to Google just to reiterate. You do phenomenal work and everyone should know. I look forward to booking with you again in the near future!"