TJ Rizing Productions Inc

I have had an absolute BALL! Have learned so much and fallen in love with Hollywood! I have definitely decided to move there and pursue my acting career! It was so exciting to meet people so high up in the industry and they have inspired me to believe in my dreams, because it can happen. I have LOVED meeting everyone and have REALLY had a wonderful experience. All in all I loved it! Hollywood was amazing it surpassed all my expectations. The experience was amazing and I made some great friends. We arrived at the airport and were picked up in a huge hummer limo and from a guy whoâ™s never been in a limo before this was truly unbelievable. The next day we were on our way to the Hollywood Hills to take our headshots from Alan Weissman a top Hollywood photographer. TJ was hilarious and also really helpful in everything we done. This company doesnâ™t work with ordinary people they have contacts with top top people. I really enjoyed the photoshoot with Alan Weissman. We got make-up and hair done by the pros, Earl and TJ made us all feel so comfortable, it felt more like a learning and growing experience, rather than work. I felt very well looked after and almost spoiled. I mean the limousine and then the photosession with Alan Weissmann. Iâ™ve been taking loads of pictures in my life, cos back in Austria I was working as a model â“ I had NEVER taken such good pictures!!