Tony Voci

Here’s the deal. I’ve shot twice with Alan. The first time in May 2001 and again in December 2006. Film the first time and digital the second. Both shoots yielded spectacular results – and I was highly skeptical about the digital shoot beause I loathe digital photographs. Let’s face it. Every wannabe photographer in Hollywood has a digital camera.

Alan is a professional. He lights the subject. He tests the subject and the lighting before the shoot starts. Even as a layman I know it’s more important to light the subject and test the subject more than the camera or medium being used. That’s where you get your moneys worth with Alan. He takes the time to test the shoot with either a professional film polaroid camera or in the digital shoot, he projects the digital results onto his monitor. Here is what’s important to the paying customer regarding the test shots. You see the results of the test right before your eyes which allays fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety can be deadly to anyones confidence in a fairly expensive photo shoot. I’m not a celebrity so shooting with Alan was not cheap for me, but in weighing the less expensive “cost” to shoot with an amateur photographer would cost me thousands of dollars in “opportunity lost” when my mediocre headshot goes across the casting directors desk right into the trashcan. Don’t waste your time. Spend the money. Be ready. Be professional. Work through the process with Alan. You couldn’t be in better hands.