Zach Criswell

"It’s hard to describe the experience of working with Alan, because I can assure you it will surpass your experience with any photographer in Hollywood. Whether you are a veteran in the entertainment industry, or if you are just arriving in Hollywood Alan is the guy for you. His 20+ years in the industry speak for itself, and his successful cliental throughout his career demonstrate he is among the elite in Hollywood. While working inside his breathtaking studio Alan is a complete perfectionist about his craft, and he delivers the same amount of professionalism, dedication, and effort with every client. Alan is known for demonstrating exceptional lighting in his photographs, and he truly understands how to bring out the full potential in each of his clients. With the support of a high-quality staff you will receive valuable insight that will help bring your career to a new level. I would recommend Alan to everyone in Hollywood. If you want to bring out the best in your career and in yourself, I would think you would want to work with the best person to help you do that."